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What is involved in the filmmaking process?

Good question.  In a nutshell there are three main phases that have to take place to bring your vision to life…

Pre-Production Phase:

  • It is important to us that you trust us not only as professionals but also with your vision.  With this in mind, we would like to meet you informally, discuss and share thoughts.

  • During this meeting, we can get to know you and your needs, chat through some ideas and find out your deadlines and budget.

  • We then come away and crunch some numbers, bounce some ideas around, make some calls, do some research and come up with a film idea based on what you have told us; we will also give you an estimated quote.

  • We will send you all of this information and arrange another meet with you; this will be your opportunity to change or alter any of the film content ideas or filming date proposals.

  • Once everything is agreed by yourselves, we then finalise all the details and sign contracts.

  • We come away and meticulously plan the shoot, around the agreed film; which involves:

    • writing a script

    • developing a shot list and/or a storyboard (for the camera team)

    • writing a risk assessment and having health and safety briefing with crew

    • production meeting prior to shoot with all crew members

    • making sure all insurances and paper work are in place

  • Enter into the production phase.

Production Phase:

  • This involves getting everything into place at the proposed location, for the pre-arranged date/s of filming, such as camera/s, lighting, sound, crew etc…

  • Filming commences, making sure we work to the agreed schedule.

  • We then leave the location looking even better than we found it.

  • Enter into the post-production phase.

Post-Production Phase:

  • We collate all of the footage captured by camera’s and sound recordists from the shoot.

  • We upload everything onto various external drives, and order them, ready for use (Data wrangling)

  • We enter into the editing part of the production; which means putting the film together piece by piece from all the footage collected.

  • Once film is put together, add any graphics, sounds or appropriate music.

  • Give you the first cut of the film, in a low quality, so we can hear your views and be sure we have given your vision justice.

  • Following your final approval, we will deliver your product in the required format.

Why do we want to know your budget?

Our job is to give you the film you envisage at a cost you can afford.  When it comes to filmmaking, there is literally no limit to what can be achieved creatively, but there is financially, and that limit is set by your budget.  By giving us a budget to work to, we tailor make your film to achieve it’s maximum potential.

When do we expect payment?

We want to make things as simple as possible for you, we understand you are on a budget.  With this in mind we break down the payment into three simple instalments:

  • 33% of the full cost – This is payable when you have agreed to work with us and we have signed and exchanged contracts, during the pre-production phase.  

  • 33% of the full cost – This is payable before we enter into the production phase (filming).

  • Remaining 34% of full cost – This is payable on delivery of your film.

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